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Selah Thompson

Selah Thompson is a local dance instructor and choreographer who's been dancing since the age of 5. He began his training in the arts program and performance troupe at ACE Preparatory Academy. Under the guidance of "Ima" Terri Brown Selah studied West African dance, Dunham technique, jazz, traditional samba, and other cultural styles. During this time, she also brought in various instructors, all of whom had mastered different styles of dance. One of those instructors being D'ierre Jackson, the hip-hop instructor who sparked Selah's love for hip-hop. From there, his training and career as a hip-hop dancer, began. Thompson has appeared in multiple projects as a background dancer, including "Cam Duce: Gettin' Started" and "f FE: Fake Blood." In 2012, 
Selah joined the Traditional Music Society, where he held numerous roles, such as dancer, dance captain, assistant choreographer, assistant dance director, dance instructor, and choreographer. Thompson has choreographed for multiple local artists, dance troupes, and competition teams throughout the Kansas City area. In 2017, Selah formed the "Golden Onyx Dance Team," a hip­hop and majorette dance team that participated in competition and performance. It was here 
that Thompson began to form his style. He used his influences from his training, experience as a professional dancer, and overall love for dance to form a style that is explosive, high energy, dynamic, infused with ethnic elements, and entertaining to the audience. Selah is very excited to share his knowledge and love for the arts with Ibsen Dance Theatre! 

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